Support Services

Support Services includes various service activities that can influence the project development progress with much efficiency. There are many support services provided by the Legend Royal to full fill its customer's requirement during the various phases of the projects development. All of our support services are ensured with the quality and efficiency and is generally carried out by the experts and skilled personals.

  • Land Purchase

    Decision regarding the purchase of a property requires a large amount of information and considering various factors regarding the purchase of the property. We provide all consultation service to help our client to help decide the purchase of the correct property with maximum benefits. Our experts can provide valuable information that can help our client to purchase a right land to build their project.

  • Surveying

    Surveying includes the measuring and mapping of the land with various mathematical formulas and notations. It also includes the studying and Identifying of various environmental factors of the projects. The surveying is one of the most important services that are used to develop various pre-construction decisions. We use various computer technologies to carry out the surveying service

  • Registration

    Registration process for the various projects is very much essential to ensure the legal requirement. We provide all required guidance to our customers to fulfill the registration process in a most easy manner. Our guidance to the customer will ease up the registration process and can help the customer in understanding the various legal procedures involved in the registration.

  • Design/ architect

    This service includes the development of additional drawing and plans regarding the project that is being developed. We provide various designing support to the customers by our most talented designers. Our designers are capable of developing the plans that can fulfill the requirement of the client. We also generate the plans and architectural supports to the alterations to be performed on to a project involving a building.

  • Construction

    Construction service from us also can be used as a support service. We also provide a contract bases construction service. Such that our team of constructors would build the project assigned to them much efficiently and as per the schedule. Our construction based support service also includes various services like raw material selection, budget planning etc.

  • Quality Monitoring

    This is a special service that is mainly performed to monitor the quality of the construction performed. We make use of all advanced technology to ensure the quality of the service implied on to the project. The Monitoring service is generally carried out at every levels of every phase during the projects construction. Our quality monitoring are generally carried out by our quality assuring team.

  • Environmental Issue/Clearance

    The building of project may have to solve certain issues regarding the environment in which it is built. There are certain configurations to be made on to the project to match with the environmental factors in which it stays. We provide all type of assistance and support for solve any sort of environmental issues regarding the project and then provides clearance to the project.

  • Fire & security

    The development of the project to withstand the hazards that may arise due to the fire is always recommended and is of the standard. We provide various levels of safety against the fire within the project. The security is another important aspect that might be required to ensure the privacy factors of the subjects within the projects. We do provide implementation of security features to the project as per the demand of our clients.

  • Water & Sewage Treatment

    The water supply made to the project has to be treated in terms of design with much efficiency. The treatment of the water supply into the project and from the project has to be defined efficiently such that the flow of water is made to the appropriate are by reducing the wastage of water. We provide additional support as plumbing service to treat the flow of water within the project.

  • Home Insurance Policy

    The Insurance is the most important factor that is required to insure the security of the project. We provide various insurance services to various construction projects. Our insurance service is of the most customer favoured one and is targeted in ensuring all the safety of our customer. We provide various schemes to the insurance policy for various project including homes and buildings.

  • Home Repair Services

    We provide various repairing service to various buildings. The various problems of electrical failure, water pipelines are effectively handled by our team experts. All kinds of repairing services are effectively solved and fixed by our services. One of the feature that made our repairing servicing the most demanding is that the timely completion and the most economic cost for our service.