Project Management Services

We provide all types of management service to various projects of construction. Our service to the management of the construction involves designing, plan drawing, budget guidance, and various other contract based service to effectively finish the project as per the schedule. We also help our clients to define effective schedule for their project to complete the project in time. Our team provides special services to handle all types of legal and documentation for our client's project.

Pre-Constructions Services:

Our team effectively handles all types of services that are required prior to the construction services. The various preconstruction service provided by our team includes piling, plan drawing, budget planning, material choosing etc. Legend royal also includes a special service to handle all types of documentation requirements such that we can help our clients from not entering various complex official formalities.

  • Site Survey

    Site surveying is of the most important service required in any projects. It is one of the important steps that are carried out to make all types of important decision and estimation regarding the project. We provide all types of detailed surveys to our client's project. We implement all types of mathematical notation to our survey to make it more effective and useful.

  • Floor Plan

    The planning of the floor is to be carried out effectively. The planning of the floor determines the amount of space defined in the project. The floor designing may also include the type of material that is used to build the floor. We provide all type of planning service for the floor such that a most appropriate floor for the project is attained.

  • Estimation

    Estimation is also an important pre-construction service required for every project. The results from this service would help our customer to plan their budget incurred in the project. We have experts to generate the best estimate for our customers. We provide all kind of detailed estimates for any project of our customers.

  • Building Permits

    The building permits are special documentation of authority to build or initialize a construction. There are many official formalities to be followed in order to attain a permit for a Building. Our experts would provide all types of assistance for our customers to ease the attaining of the permit required for building of their dream project.