Project Closeout

Project Closeout refers to a set of process that is carried out after the final completion of the project. It includes various services for enhancing the overall facilities available in the project like configuring the water connection, setting up the electricity in the projects etc. We provide various solutions to carry out the closeout process to our client's project.

  • Electrical and Water Connections

    The Establishment Of the electricity and water connection to the created project is very important. The Establishment of the Water connection may require to setup and configure various pipe lines within the project. We provide various plumbing experts to carry out the various water connection requirements to the client's project. The electricity is also implemented to the project with our trained employees.

  • Completion Certificate

    The completion certificate includes conducting of various tests to ensure the stability, quality and safety of the project. These tests are carried out on the projects to ensure that the project is completed as per the previously defined schedule and plan. We issue completion certificates regarding the project only after the successful completion of the project.

  • House Warming

    House Warming is a function of gathering event that is carried out to celebrate the true acceptance of the project from us by the clients. We provide all advices and organising regarding and house warming event to our clients. We also provide assistance to the house warming ceremony.