Our Team

Our team constitutes highly qualified and experienced managers, Designers, Constructors, Vastushastra Experts. All of our team members are eligible and qualified as per the law. They also possess high innovative ideas. They handle the works in a most efficient manner by assuring the quality and the durability factors. Our teams are our assets that have helped us to leap to a successful present. They also help us in boosting in a competitive market.

  • Architects:

    Our Architects constitute highly talented personals to draw our client's request. Their job is to sketch out the client's request on to a paper and to attain the client's approval for proceeding with the other development of the project. Our architects also initializes an estimate of the resources inquired in the project during their designing process, this could help our clients to have a clear picture in terms of the cost that is needed in the project development.

  • Civil Constructors :

    Legend Royal also provides service involving civil construction constructors. We attain various civil oriented works through public sector undertaking, architects, direct private clients, and from various project management companies and consultants. We have a rich experience in designing and building of a various segments that include commercial offices, educational buildings Industrial building etc. Legend Royal has got all qualification to provide the requirement of the client.

  • Interior Designers:

    It is equally important to consider the interior aesthetics of our projects. Legend royal has got a team of interior designers to provide our customers with all kind of interior designing advices. They provide all kind of alignment, placement and other aesthetic advices to the customers with respect to the projects structure and customers' requirements. Our Interior designers make use of the modern design concept to design the interiors of our project. Our designing concept is meant to change the life style of our customers.

  • Interior Contractor:

    The interior of our project s are handled by our special team who have got a rich innovative idea. Our interior constructors are well talented to converts our customers dream to the reality. They provide all kinds of interior construction and designing to satisfy our customers need. We have all the added advantage of a well-equipped workshop along with the highly skilled labors to serve the customers need in a most effective and efficient way.

  • Civil Engineers:

    Our civil engineers are well equipped for maintenance, designing and managing the construction environment. Our civil engineers are of high innovative ideas and can result in the completion of the project in the right time with high efficiency. The various tasks that are handled by our civil engineers are site Detailed design development, Risk analysis, Site Investigation, Labour management, Equipment Purchase etc.

  • Supervisors:

    Supervisors are special personals who manage the entire construction process. They provide all required guidelines to the labours to do the construction effectively. Their key

    role is organising the construction process. They also play a key role in the allocation of resource required in the construction process in a most efficient manner. The various issues in the construction sites are effectively handled by our supervisors.

  • Plumbing Contractors:

    The construction won't be complete unless it attains a proper mechanism to handle the water flow within the project. We provide highly experienced plumbers do meet all the plumbing requirements of our clients. We also provide a contract based service under for the plumbing on larger projects. The personals involved in the plumbing are highly experience and provides an excellent quality on the service provided.

  • Electrical Contractors:

    To build the dream projects of our clients requires filling it with lights. The requirement of electricity in the present is very essential. We do provide a contract based service to our client to meet all their electrical-building needs. All our contractors for electrical services own a highly trained team of employees to meet the needs of our client's electrical requirements. The electrical contracting services mainly focus on the safety and timely delivery of the service.

  • Landscaping Experts:

    Our Team also have a well organised team of Landscaping Experts. They provide all advices required to frame the landscape for the construction. They are well trained and experienced to carry out all the required sketching and drawing through the process of landscaping. Our team of landscaping experts are to save the landscaping time of your office, house before any landscape designing project.

  • Roofing and Trees Work:

    We provide our service in installing all kinds of commercial and residential roofing to various projects. We also cover additional special services to the roofing like service on the metal edge, roof vents, roof penetration protection, water dispersal system. All kinds of roofing materials used in the installation are of high quality and are of most demanded. We also provide various services of tree like pruning, trimming, fertilizing etc.

  • Painting Contractors:

    Painting is one of the important procedures in completing our clients dream project. Painting job require a better coating to be made on the wall prior to the painting, which has to be chosen and performed carefully. We provide a contract based painting service to our clients. All the painters under our contractors are of well experienced and can guarantee the timely delivery of the service with quality assuring.

  • Flooring Contracting:

    The interior beauty of the project greatly depends on the flooring. The flooring also defines the comfort level in the project. We own a good team for handling all flooring based contracting .We provide a wide variety of choice in the material, colour and pattern for the flooring. Our flooring task is mainly concerned about slip-resistance and acoustic properties. Special type of flooring materials is used to floor the clean rooms and operation theatre.

  • Building Concrete Workers:

    The strength and lasting of the building and various project is greatly depended on the concrete work performed on it. Legend Royal owns a great team of concrete works with rich experience. Our team of concrete workers are specially trained and can ensure the quality and safety to the project. One of the striking features about our contract team is the timely completion of the work with quality assurance.

  • Piling Contractors:

    Piling is an important procedure to be carried out on any building project. It is concerned with building a foundation for the construction project. We provide all piling contracting services with the most affordable prices. Our piling contracting team will ensure the building of a stable foundation as per the schedules. We use modern technology in the process of the piling such that the quality and the stability of the piling process can be assured.

  • Skilled Labours:

    Legend royal owns a great team of skilled labours who are completely dedicated towards filling the customer's request and needs. All of our labours are qualified and fit for doing the entire assigned task. Our labours are the personals that have fuelled our success in the past years. The timely completion of the assigned task with the maximum quality is the unavoidable advantages of our labours.

  • Our Expertise:

    Legend Royal constitutes a well experienced and skilled team to provide all consultation, designing and construction services to clients so as to achieve their dream home in a most effective and economic manner. We also provide various contracting based services to favour various constructional needs. Our goal is to design and build a thousand customers dream home in a five year schedule.