Construction of building includes all activities to build the project as per the plan and schedule in a most optimized manner. We also provide construction services to special projects like laboratories, colleges, schools etc. we make use of technology in every aspect of the construction to ensure the safety and the stability. All the equipment used in the construction process is ensured with respect to the delivery of quality during the service.

  • Building Constructions

    Construction of building is performed in many segments. It includes many segments of process starting from the laying of the foundation to the final painting work. There are schedules created for every segment that is to be carried out in the building process and our construction process mainly focuses on completing the building as per the schedule with all qualities granted.

  • House Constructions

    We also provide construction services for the projects involving Houses. The construction involving the houses are generally built as per the needs and comfort of the client. Various aspects that are considered during the construction of the houses include the raw materials selection, Budget planning, Interior Designing etc.

  • Home Renovations, Repairs & Extension

    The Legend Royal provides various services involving the renovation of various projects including commercial spaces and the residential building such as Houses and villas. The renovations services on the project are carried out with proper analyzing of the project. We also provide the renovations service involving the alteration of the project. The various issues regarding the projects are also effectively handled by appropriate repairing service by our team

  • Building Renovations, Repairs, Extension & Maintenance

    Our team is also well prepared with the most advanced technology to provide all kinds of technical service in the repairing, extension and renovation to the projects involving the buildings. The repairing and the renovation of the building are handled by our expert technician. They provide all kinds of feasible solution to the issues involved in the repairing and will effectively handles the repairing and extension service.

  • Villa Construction

    We also provide construction services for both ordinary and luxury villas. The villa construction is carried out by our special team and does provide a separate designing construction that can meet the customers need and requirement. The materials used for the construction of villas are of supreme quality and are specially chosen. The customers are also given the freedom in choosing the materials inquired for the construction.

  • Commercial Building Constructions

    Legend Royal has also established its strong foot hold among the construction service for the commercial building. We build Building that can be used for commercial Purposes

    like Shopping mall, Hotels, restaurants, etc. The optimised pattern in terms of time and cost that we use for the building has made us the most favourable choice for our customers. We also provide various special contracting services for the commercial projects.

  • Hospitals

    Legend royal is highly specialised and experienced in constructing the projects involving the hospital. Our team has got many skilled labourers to build the various requirements involved in the hospital construction. The construction of hospitals is carried out with special care and is assured with safety. Legend royal has built many requirements of hospitals and are very much experienced in the construction of projects involving hospitals.

  • Hotels and Resorts

    Construction of Hotels and resorts are performed with the motive of improving the hospitality feature of the area it has located. We do provide all construction services to build and develop the resorts and hotels. We also provide special services like carving, art design, wall texturing to the construction projects of resorts. The construction involving the resorts and hotels are ensured with its luxury standards.

  • Educational Institutions

    The building of Educational institution may include building of special laboratories, playgrounds, assembly hall etc. it requires additional designing and planning as it requires construction of different project structure on to a single project. Legend Royal provides all kinds of services and support for the construction of projects involving Educational institution.

  • Community Buildings

    The community buildings are mainly of the purpose to make it fit for conducting any events involving a social gathering. Its constructions require building the project with large spaces area such that it can accommodate the required personals in the project. The project involving the community building are managed and constructed by our special team who can efficiently define the requirements of the project.

  • Function Halls

    We are fully equipped with the most modern technology and other artistic feature to build and develop any type of function hall of any size. The highly skilled labours and talented management helps in building the projects like function halls with much efficiency. The halls constructions are ensured with the requirements of the clients and the efficiency.

  • Vaastu Based Designs & Consultants

    The construction when performed with the guidance of vastushastra could enhance the comfort ability and can enrich the life style. There are many factors that affect the comfortless and all these factors are necessary to be implemented during the construction. We have many vasthushastra experts to give rich advice to our clients such that they can achieve a dream home.