Construction Phase services

The construction Phase service includes various assisting or supporting services that are made during the phase of construction. It may include various services like arrangement

Of required resources for the Construction, Management of the constraints incurred in the project, Anticipating or planning of the schedules to be implemented in the project. Legend royal has got a rich team to provide all required services and support during the Construction Phase.

  • Set Outing and Foundation:

    Set outing is the process of defining the framework in which the project has to be constructed. The set outing process is an important task as it is required to correctly perform the construction task. We provide all tools and measurements to correctly set the Outing for the construction and foundation for our client's project.

  • Excavation:

    Excavation includes the process by which the plot for the construction is prepared as per the previously defined outing and foundation plans. It involves digging of the plot as per the plan such that the desired stability of the project with respect to the ground can be achieved. We provide various services and facilities to carry out the excavation process easily.

  • Piling and Basement and Foundation

    Piling involves the levelling of the land prior to the starting of the construction. It is carried out to stabilize the base on which the project is constructed. The development of basement construction is also another process carried out during the phase of construction. We are facilitated with all kinds of modern equipment's to build the foundation and basement of our customer's project's requirement.

  • Rendering

    The rendering is the process of developing a visual model that depicts the complete model of the project. The rendering of the project is generally performed before the construction of the project, as it provides a complete reference model of the project. The rendering of the project can be useful to take a safe decision of alteration when performed before the construction process.

  • Concreting:

    Concreting is the basic process in the construction. It includes building of the actual project with the appropriate materials. Concreting is to be performed with the appropriate mixing of the materials used in the concretion. We provide much skilled labourers and highly experienced experts to manage and perform the concretion process of our client's project as per the requirement.

  • Carpentry:

    The carpentry involves the construction of the doors, window and other furnishing goods with the goods. The carpentry service requires skilled labourers who can handle the goods for the creation of the appropriate objects. We provide all required tools and skilled labourers to develop and implement the all wood oriented objects to the projects.

  • Plastering

    Plastering involves the process of adding an additional layer of plaster to the existing wall. Plastering is generally performed in the interior walls of the projects. It is performed to attain the desired shape or to mould decorative on the walls. We provide all types of plastering service to our customers to fulfill their desired designs in the interior of their project.

  • Electrical and Plumbing

    The projects constructed would be of incomplete if voiding the implementation electricity and the water supply to the project. One of the most important factors that influence the choice of the Electrical and plumbing selection into the project is its lastingness. We provide the rich quality goods and skilled labourers to provide our customers with all types of plumbing and electrical requirements.

  • Flooring

    Flooring is all about defining the pattern and the structure that forms the basement of the project. It is one of the most important processes involved in the construction process. Flooring includes the attaching of the desired material as the basement as per the preferred pattern. We provide a large variety of options to our customers regarding the selection of the material and the pattern to be applied to the customer's project.

  • Painting

    Painting is the process that adds colours to the project. It is generally performed as a last step of construction. The painting process is generally carried out to improve the aesthetic features of the project. We provide a variety of painting options to paint their dream homes. We also maintain a team of skilled labourers for painting the houses our clients.

  • Finishing Works

    Finishing works in the construction includes the filling and smoothing of various irregularities in the main frame work of the construction. This process beatifies the entire project in terms of structure and the aesthetic. The finishing works are generally done with special quality products and is applied to the project by our experts' advice to attain the most unlashed result.